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Minimalist Travel Photography Gear

Less is more!

I don’t want to make everything about gear – photography comes first – but you can’t get to your creative vision and do your job without the right gear.

Each piece of equipment is a tool and has a job (or multiple jobs). They’re not just pretty objects to adorn a shelf, and I think that’s a great way to approach gear acquisition.

For me, it’s all about minimalist photography gear.

  • A compromise between size, weight, and image quality; cameras that I can travel with and get great images.
  • Cameras that are easy to operate and make me feel like a photographer instead of a camera technician.
  • They need to help me blend in, not give people the impression I’m a wealthy photographer (cause I’m not), and not intimidate the people whom I place in front of my lens.

Fujifilm fits the bill perfectly for me, and here’s what I mix & match depending on the job.

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