John Muir Trail Trip Report

Tips and lessons learned from my thru-hike of California’s John Muir Trail, June 15th to July 4th, 2015. Permits, resupply, gear, navigation, and photos.

Return to Haiti, Part Three

A rundown of the Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti’s March-April 2015 “Cruise For A Cause” to Ile A Vache, Haiti.

A Cruise Around the Galápagos

The best way to see the Galápagos Islands is a cruise tour, and a small expedition vessel keeps it intimate.


Think Tank Photo: Hubba Hubba Hiney

Choosing the Think Tank Photo Hubba Hubba Hiney camera bag and wearing it as a hip pack during a 200-mile backpacking trip through the Sierra backcountry.


Watermakers for Small Cruising Sailboats

Obtaining fresh water is one of the biggest pains of cruising on a small sailboat. Here we’ll look at how to make potable water out of seawater.

My First Year with Cape Horn Self Steering

People often ask me how I rest while my sailboat is still sailing and I’m all alone. A wind vane is the answer – and Cape Horn is the model I’ll swear by.

Sleep Tight with a Swell Bridle

If the wind and swell are out of different directions, chances are you’re not sleeping at all! Use these swell bridle diagrams to align into the swells.

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